The Art of Dianne and Houcine, DH Fine Art Mosaics

Welcome to our website! Our names are Dianne and Houcine, also known as Kala Jarda. Kala Jarda is the name Houcine has used for his art, and it represents the name of the area in Tunisia, where he was born. Our passion and focus is showing the luminosity of glass by creating fine art mosaic animals, people and landscapes, and exploring the emotional connection we have with them. The mosaics we create are both individual, detailed and unique in style, and are often said to resemble paintings. Our styles demonstrate our individual talents, and we strive to represent the movement, grace and character of our subjects, with incredible realism. The play of light on the glass, and its longevity, blend to make a beautiful piece of art that will last forever.

While Dianne has been making mosaics for the past 12 years, and Houcine many more than that, we are regarded as emerging artists in Australia, and our website was created towards the end of 2021.

To purchase one of our original artworks, please feel welcome to look in our gallery to see what is currently available. Commissions are sometimes accepted, depending on our current workload and the quality of any photo references you have available. Workshops may be offered in the future, both in our studio and via Zoom, and you are invited to register your interest. We are also hoping to establish a page with testimonials from people that are already familiar with our work. We would love to share your opinions with others who may be meeting us here for the first time!

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us here.