D&H Technique Portrait Class




Our D&H Technique teaches participants to create not only realistic mosaics, but also mosaics with artistry and finesse. This technique teaches you new skills that will greatly enhance the way you look at a subject and apply these skills to the level of ‘fine art’. It can truly be called ‘painting with glass’. Many of the participants in our courses tell us that what they have learnt has been a ‘life-changing experience’, and that they will be able to apply their new skills to everything they create in the future. This course would suit the serious mosaic artist, and will take time, commitment and passion to master. For that reason, it will not be suitable for beginners, or for those who wish to add a quick and easy technique to their repertoire.

We offer the D&H Technique to learn how to create amazingly realistic, high level portraits in glass mosaic. We give step by step instruction on creating eyes that show depth and expression. The mouth is also extremely important to show character. Contouring of the nose and face are demonstrated, along with correct choice of colours. Our signature technique for forming hair will also be a focus for this course. If you follow our instructions, you will produce the most realistic mosaic you ever though possible.

Course program for 6 weeks:
Every week the day before the zoom meeting we will share with you on a messenger group the information of the week’s course in videos and the next day during the zoom meeting we will answer your questions about each part of the course and you will have time to work.

Out portrait classes take place at 12:00 noon on a Sunday in our city (Melbourne – AEST) For participants in the US, Canada and Europe, this is on the previous day, Saturday evening. You can use the World Clock app on your phone to verify the correct time in your time zone. We will send reminders well before classes begin.

1.12 23: Preparation

16.12.23: Zoom 1  – Discussion, cutting the shards

7.1.23: Zoom 2 – Creating the eye and feedback

13.1.24:  Zoom 3 – Creating the nose and feedback

20.1.24:  Zoom 4 – Creating the lips and feedback

27.1.24:  Zoom 5 – Creating the face and hair, and feedback

14.10.23: Zoom 6 – Creating the background and feedback

The cost of the course is $1620 Australian, which is approximately $1035 US, $1395 Canadian or 989 Euros.

There is an option to receive individualised coaching on Messenger, at least twice a week for six weeks, if you feel you need that support.

Zoom meetings are recorded if you are absent, and will be shared with you. However, it is very important that you are present at all zooms in person to get the full benefit of this course.

Note:  Before signing up for this class please contact us via Facebook Messenger. Your application to do our class must be approved by us first. Please find the links below: